The design I implemented for this project is to help university students on campus find a study space that is suitable for them.  Most students would go to campus to find a space to study or do their work, however, some students find it difficult due to the unavailability of the building they go to. Hence, this becomes a greater issue as students roam around campus to buildings nearby to study, which wastes time that could be used for their work.
Study Buddies is an app design created on Adobe XD that serves the purpose of being able to help university students fix the issue of killing time from finding an available study space, and rather helps them save time that can be used for their time to study and do their work. 
The app design includes the navigation for the buildings on campus, lecture rooms that are vacant in the buildings, as well as food services that are available within the building. These are the necessities for students when it comes to studying on campus, it benefits students and helps them get through the school term.  

Screen-recorded video of prototype being navigated on an iPhone XR. 

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